The European Research Institute for Integrated Cellular Pathology (ERI-ICP) is a professional organization with some 100 Founding Members including many of the most prominent European researchers (and several Nobel laureates) working on integrated cellular pathology. The principal objective of ERI-ICP, a virtual research Institute, is to promote cell biology research applied to major human diseases, including (but not limited to) neurodegenerative diseases, myopathies, mitochondriopathies, infectious diseases, cancer and pathological aging. ERI-ICP promotes the implementation and utilization of systems biology (or integrated biology) by establishing a continuum between fundamental, translational and clinical research. ERI-ICP strives for excellence, independence, leadership, diversity and flexibility. Throughout its work, ERI-ICP provides independent, authoritative and evidence-based advice to underpin policy for stimulating the implementation of systems biology applicable to the investigation, classification, diagnosis and therapeutic management of major human diseases.

ERI-ICP disseminates “official” (but ameliorable) methods and protocols applicable to integrated cellular pathology. ERI-ICP also participates in efforts of data integration, provides a web forum for researchers working in the area of systems biology applied to human disease, and has organized international conferences in 2010, 2012, and 2014. By the conjunction of these activities, ERI-ICP should be able to set up the standards for data quality, for data exchange and storage that are crucial for systems biology, as applied to human disease. Therefore, ERI-ICP serves as an instrument to crystallize and streamline all efforts within this area in the European Research Area. The Founding Members of ERI-ICP were selected among highly renowned scientists from all areas of disease-oriented fundamental and clinical research. The Founding Group is responsible for defining the overall objectives of the Institute, addressing issues such as credibility of the institution, membership and governance. To steer the process, a ‘Governing Body’ exists, consisting of a President, a Vice- President, a Secretary-General and five fellows representing all disciplines Europe-wide. To address issues as they arise, ad hoc taskforces are organized amongst members of the Institute, specific to their area of expertise.

Early in 2017, ERI-ICP partnered with Shared Science Publishers to launch the official journal of ERI-ICP, Cell Stress, which emerges as a peer-reviewed publishing platform for high-impact research. Cell Stress publishes articles of extraordinary novelty and significance, including research papers and reviews that cover heterogenous topics in the field of cellular pathophysiology. Cell Stress is an open access online journal that thus allows its readership and general public around the world to read, download, store, distribute or print any article free of charge. At the same time, Cell Stress’ open access policy ensures fast publication as well as high visibility and broad divulgence of the author’s published research.

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