Back to article: Immunometabolic cross-talk in the inflamed heart

FIGURE 3: Immunometabolic cross-talk in the inflamed heart. During inflammation, inflammatory infiltrates and heart parenchymal cells (including cardiomyocytes, compete with oxygen and nutrients. This leads to the activation of the HIF and AMPK pathways and metabolic reprogramming of both cellular components (1). The production of cytokines (2) and signalling metabolites, such as lactate (3) can lead to further metabolic reprogramming and eventually, to cellular dysfunction (4). MO, macrophages, T, T-lymphocytes; B, B lymphocytes; DC, dendritic cells; NK, NK cells; GN, granulocytes; EOS, eosinophils; CMC, cardiomyocytes; SC, stromal cells; EC, endothelial cells.

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