Back to article: The primary cilium protein folliculin is part of the autophagy signaling pathway to regulate epithelial cell size in response to fluid flow

FIGURE 4: FLCN, but not FNIP1, is required for shear stressinduced cell size regulation. (A-B) HK2 cells were transfected either with siRNA targeting FLCN (siFLCN) or control siRNA (siCTRL) 72 h later they were subjected to fluid flow for 4 days (shear 4D) or not (static 4D). (A) Cells were fixed, labeled with DAPI and phalloidin to reveal F-actin and cell boarder and then analyzed by fluorescence microscopy. (B) Cells areas were quantified from experiments shown in (A). (C-D) HK2 cells were transfected with siRNA targeting FNIP (siF-NIP1) or control siRNA (siCTRL)). The experiments were performed and quantified as in (A-B). Scale bars in (A) and (C) = 10μm.

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