Back to article: Nucleolar Stress: hallmarks, sensing mechanism and diseases

FIGURE 3: NPM1 translocation under nucleolar stress. Representative images of NPM1 translocation in HeLa cells under various nucleolar stresses, including H2O2 (500 mM, 30 min), hypoxia (1% O2, 1 h), UV irradiation (100 J m-2), heat-shock (42°C, 30 min), EBSS starvation (6 h) and Act.D (8 nM, 1 h), examined by immunofluorescence with anti-NPM1 antibody. Bar, 5 mm. Image from ref [31].

31. Yang K, Wang M, Zhao Y, Sun X, Yang Y, Li X, Zhou A, Chu H, Zhou H, Xu J, Wu M, Yang J, and Yi J (2016). A redox mechanism underlying nucleolar stress sensing by nucleophosmin. Nature communications 7: 13599.

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