Please note that prior to submission you need to register to our system by providing a user name and a password of your choice – this will be your login data for future visits. If you have already registered, provide your login information (upper right corner, just under the search button) to submit your manuscript. Please refer to the chapter Manuscript Preparation to get your manuscript ready for submission. Note that there are no article submission charges, but that all non-invited articles that after peer-review are accepted for publication will be subject to a publication fee/article processing charge (APC).


If you have prepared your manuscript according to our guidelines and logged in, you are now ready to submit. Below you can find a visual overview of the steps required for submission (please click on it to enlarge). This is followed by a detailed description.





– If it is an original submission, (1) prepare a single PDF file including the main text (title through figure legends), all figures, and the supplemental data (in this order): this PDF file will be used for peer-review purposes; (2) in addition, provide the cover letter as a separate document (MS Word or PDF). (3) Compress the two resulting files into one single .ZIP file, which is now ready for upload. Should you need assistance in generating a .ZIP-file, please press here. The .ZIP file should preferably not exceed 15 MB in total: if it does, please contact us.


– If it is a resubmission (after revision), (1) please provide the cover letter, the point-by-point reply as well as the main text (title through figure legends) as single documents, respectively; MS Word format is preferred but, if necessary, *.rtf-files can also be accepted. (2) Figure files should be provided separately and be prepared as described in the chapter Figure Preparation (see Preparation of Specific Sections). (3) If you are also submitting supplemental material, please refer to the chapter Supplemental Data. Supplemental material should be provided separately as a composite PDF file with embedded figures. (4) Generate a PDF file containing the main text (title through figure legends), the figures and the supplemental material in case the revised manuscript should be sent out to the reviewers for a final evaluation based on your amendments during revision. (5) Compress the resulting files into one single .ZIP file, which is now ready for upload. Should you need assistance in generating a .ZIP-file, please press here. The .ZIP file should preferably not exceed 15 MB in total: if it does, please contact us.


– If you are using the Fast Track option, please consult the Fast Track page.


Please note that your files will be handled and organized at the editorial level upon receipt and that your cover letter will be seen by the handling editors only (i.e. not the referees).




After preparation of your article files according to the above mentioned guidelines, please log into our submission system and submit your manuscript in 2 steps.


(1) Provide the information requested in the form below. After clicking the “Proceed to Upload” button you will see the message “Your information has been submitted, please wait….”; you will then be automatically redirected to a new page.
(2) On a new page named “Step 2: Upload your data” you will be able to upload your .ZIP archive. After the upload is completed, you will be redirected to a confirmation page, acknowledging that your submission has been successful. We will contact you within the upcoming days regarding the manuscript status.


Any submitted manuscript will initially undergo evaluation at the editorial level. Within a few days after submission, you will receive an eMail either (i) confirming that your manuscript conforms with Cell Stress’ publication canons and is thus “under review” (the message will include a manuscript ID number) or an eMail (ii) explaining why your manuscript does not meet the journal’s general criteria for publication and is thus “rejected”. If a manuscript is under review, it will be sent for expert evaluation to 2-3 reviewers. Upon receiving the referees’ assessment, the Editors will reach a decision. If based on the referees’ comments, a revision is a condition for publication, Cell Stress will allow up to 3 months for revisions (depending on the extent of the requested revision). Note that only one revised version of the originally submitted manuscript will be considered.

Step 1: Submit your information

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