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General requests

For any specific and general inquiries regarding the journal, such as questions and feedback, or open access, please contact us using the contact form below. Should you need to contact us via ordinary post, you may find our physical address here. Please note that questions related to specific manuscripts should be discussed with the handling editor and/or the editorial office.
If you encounter any problems with the contact form, please feel free to email office[at] directly.


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If you would like to submit comments, questions, or criticisms about an article published in Cell Stress, please e-mail our Executive Editors directly. Note, that Editors, however, have the prerogative to reject correspondence that is irrelevant, uninteresting, or lacking cogency, and will make an effort to screen discourteous, inaccurate, or libellous comments, but they are also aware of their responsibility to allow a range of opinions to be expressed and to promote debate. The authors of articles discussed in such correspondence have a responsibility to respond to substantial criticisms of their work using those same mechanisms and will be asked by the Executive Editors to respond. Authors of correspondence will be asked to declare any competing or conflicting interests. Correspondence may be edited for length, grammatical correctness, and journal style and published as a commentary article. >> Back to top

Advertisement and sponsorship

Cell Stress is happy to connect products, services and events with the scientists, scholars and clinicians that visit the journal. Currently, the advertisement opportunities for Cell Stress are restricted to two formats: (i) in eMail content alerts and (ii) as a sponsor of Cell Stress’s cover. If you wish to contact Cell Stress regarding advertisement, please e-mail our Editorial Managers.
Please note that all advertising is subject to the journal’s approval. Cell Stress will not accept advertising for pharmaceutical products or medical devices. In addition, it will not accept advertisement for tobacco products or products proven to be seriously harmful to health. The advertiser and its advertising agency agree to indemnify and hold harmless the journal Cell Stress as well as its publishers Shared Science Publishers and its employees and agents for any liability, claims, suits, damages, costs, settlements and reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in connection with any third-party claim arising out of advertisement placed by or on behalf of the advertising party. Cell Stress reserves the right to remove any advertisement it deems is or may be inaccurate, misleading, defamatory or otherwise contrary to the rights of Cell Stress, its publishers Shared Science Publishers, or third parties.
In general, Cell Stress accepts only a very limited number of advertisements, and advertising will not be allowed to influence editorial decisions. Cell Stress follows the policies outlined by the ICMJE recommendations on advertising, including the prohibition of advertisements intended to be juxtaposed with editorial content on the same product, the clear identification of advertisements as such, and the full and final authority of the Editors-in-Chief of Cell Stress for approving advertisements and for enforcing advertising policy.
If an entity seeks interaction with Cell Stress or their Editors in the form of sponsorships or partnerships, these interactions shall not compromise editorial independence. For that purpose, any kind of financial interaction is clearly listed in the websites of Cell Stress and that of its publishers Shared Science Publishers. In addition, Cell Stress’ owners, employees, partners and editors will not accept personal favors or direct remuneration from sponsors linked to the activity of Cell Stress. If you wish to contact us regarding sponsorhip of Cell Stress, please e-mail our Editorial Managers. >> Back to top

Media inquiries

Journalists that would like to be added to our press list to be updated on recently accepted articles, should contact us via e-mail. We encourage all journalists to clearly state the name of the originating journal in their reports and to use the journal-specific links to ensure that readers are directed to the freely available online articles. >> Back to top

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