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Inflammation induced PD-L1-specific T cells

Shamaila Munir, Mia Thorup Lundsager, Mia Aabroe Jørgensen, Morten Hansen, Trine Hilkjær Petersen, Charlotte Menne Bonefeld, Christina Friese, Özcan Met, Per thor Straten and Mads Hald Andersen

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PD-L1-specific T cells are a natural part of the T-cell repertoire in humans. Hence, we have previously described spontaneous CD8+ and CD4+ T-cell reactivity against PD-L1 in the peripheral blood of patients with various cancers as well as in healthy donors. It is well described that the expression of the PD-L1 protein is introduced in cells by pro-inflammatory cytokines, e.g. IFN-γ. In the current study, we were able to directly link inflammation with PD-L1-specific T cells by showing that inflammatory mediators such as IFN-γ generate measurable numbers of PD-L1-specific T cells in human PBMCs as well as in in vivo models. These PD-L1-specific T cells can vigorously modulate the cell compartments of the local environment. PD-L1-specific T cells may be important for immune homeostasis by sustaining the ongoing inflammatory response by the suppression of regulatory cell function both directly and indirectly.

PDF | Published online: 13/09/2019 | In press

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