Presubmission Inquiry

If you would like to request a quick editorial feedback on the potential suitability of a manuscript for Cell Stress, please send a presubmission inquiry. The editors will assess if the manuscript represents a candidate for consideration in Cell Stress based on the aims of the journal and the provision of novel insights that represent a fundamental advance in one or more fields. However, a positive response does not imply that a given article will be peer-reviewed and rather asserts the interest of the journal based on the information provided in the inquiry.

In order to accelerate the processing of your inquiry, please provide (i) a cover letter including your manuscript’s abstract as well as (ii) a brief description (approximately 400 words) of your results and their significance. The latter should specify the rationale for the study being done, outline the principal findings while mentioning the methods used, and explain the interest and impact of the article for the broad readership of Cell Stress. To submit a presubmission inquiry, please send a message to, including a cover letter and a brief description of the prospective manuscript. An editorial response should reach you within 2-3 working days.

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