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Volume 2, Issue 9, pp. 219 - 241, September 2018

Issue cover
Cover: This month in Cell Stress: The role of lamins in the maintenance of nervous system integrity. Image depicts insect larval central nervous system. Credit: NICHD/M. Sulkowski, licensed under a CC BY 2.0 license. Image modified by Cell Stress. The cover is published under the CC BY 4.0 license. Enlarge issue cover

Unweaving the role of nuclear Lamins in neural circuit integrity

Samantha L. Deal and Shinya Yamamoto

News and thoughts | page 219-224 | 10.15698/cst2018.09.151 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Neuronal Lamin regulates motor circuit integrity and controls motor function and lifespan

Lisa J. Oyston, Yong Qi Lin, Thang M. Khuong, Qiao-Ping Wang, Man Tat Lau, Teleri Clark and G. Gregory Neely

Research Reports | page 225-232 | 10.15698/cst2018.09.152 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

New insights into the role of soluble E-cadherin in tumor angiogenesis

Maggie K.S. Tang, Philip P. Ip and Alice S.T. Wong

Microreviews | page 236-238 | 10.15698/cst2018.09.154 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Red blood cell extracellular vesicles as robust carriers of RNA-based therapeutics

Chanh Tin Pham, Xin Zhang, Austin Lam, Minh TN Le

Microreviews | page 239-241 | 10.15698/cst2018.09.155 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

SKP2 and OTUD1 govern non-proteolytic ubiquitination of YAP that promotes YAP nuclear localization and activity

Fan Yao, Zhenna Xiao, Yutong Sun and Li Ma

Microreviews | page 233-235 | 10.15698/cst2018.09.153 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

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