Back to article: Endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi stress in microcephaly

FIGURE 2: Pathways associated with the Golgi stress response. Upon Golgi stress, several specific transcriptional programs are activated. One pathway (in yellow) is mediated by the transcription factor TFE3 which translocates to the nucleus and activates genes encoding Golgi structural components, glycosylation enzymes and vesicular transport proteins all containing GASE in their promoter. The proteoglycan pathway (in black) is induced by insufficiency in the capacity to glycosylate proteoglycans. Sensors at the Golgi and factors mediating this pathway are still to be identified but contribute to the activation of genes encoding proteoglycan-specific glycosylation enzymes all containing a PGSE consensus sequence in their promoter. The MAPK/ETS pathway and the CREB3 (in green) both activate pro-apoptotic genes in response to Golgi stress. (Adapted from 140]).

140. Sasaki K, and Yoshida H (2019). Golgi stress response and organelle zones. FEBS Lett 593(17):2330-2340. 10.1002/1873-3468.13554

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