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FIGURE 4: A diagram displaying the interaction of Munc18-1 an SNARE proteins along the stages of exocytosis.(A) The interaction between Munc18-1 and SNARE proteins, indicating that Munc18-1 favours the formation of the ternary SNARE complex where synaptobrevin binds preferably with the binary complex between syntaxin and SNAP25. (B) The stages from docking/priming, hemifusion state, leading to fusion pore formation and full fusion, with the action of respective Munc18-1 mutants and dnSNARE peptides. From Ref [26]

26. Jorgacevski J, Potokar M, Grilc S, Kreft M, Liu W, Barclay JW, Bückers J, Medda R, Hell SW, Parpura V, Burgoyne RD, Zorec R (2011). Munc18-1 tuning of vesicle merger and fusion pore properties. J Neurosci 31(24): 9055-9066. 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0185-11.2011

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