Back to article: HIF1α-dependent mitophagy facilitates cardiomyoblast differentiation

FIGURE 4: Mitophagy increases progressively during cardiomyocyte differentiation. (A) Representative images from mito-QC reporter H9c2 cells during differentiation. (B) Quantitation of total mitolysosome area per mitochondrial content was analysed during cardiomyocyte differentiation. (C) H9c2 cells were cultured in differentiation medium for 7 days and 50 nM Baf A1 was added into medium for the last 16 h prior to lysis. Immunostaining of beta subunit of ATP synthase (ATPB) (D), LC3 (E) and LAMP1 (F) were performed in H9c2 cells differentiated for 7 days prior to fixation. Arrows indicate structures positive for both red-puncta and LC3 or LAMP1. Scale bar, 20 μm. All quantitative data are mean ± SEM from 3 independent experiments. * P < 0.05.

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