Back to article: Coping with the calcium overload caused by cell injury: ER to the rescue

FIGURE 1: ER-mediated buffering of injury-triggered cytosolic Ca2+ increase. Plasma membrane acts as a barrier to maintain cytosolic ion balance, which is disrupted by cell injury leading to influx of ions such as Ca2+ (1). This increase in cytosolic Ca2+ activates opening of the ER-resident ion channel ANO5 and increases influx of the Cl ions into the ER lumen (2). This Cl ion serves as the counterion to maintain ER electroneutrality as the excess cytosolic Ca2+ is pumped into the ER lumen by the ER-resident Ca2+ pump SERCA (3). Together, these transporters enable buffering the cytosolic Ca2+ overload caused by PM injury, and their inhibition prevents clearance of cytosolic Ca2+ increase in the injured cell, compromising repair of the injured cell.

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