Back to article: Assay for high-throughput screening of inhibitors of the ASC-PYD inflammasome core filament

FIGURE 3: Inability of five small molecules to inhibit PYD filament formation. (A-C) Time-dependent fluorescence anisotropy (FA) measurements after pH jump on PYD only solution (dark green) and on PYD solution premixed with 20 µM final concentration of (A) Arglabin (orange) or MCC950 (light blue), (B) Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (orange), (C) Ellagic acid (orange) or Gallic acid (light blue). Time-dependent fluorescence anisotropy (FA) measurements for PYD incubated with compounds without pH jump are shown (black, gray). Data are reported in 3 min intervals for a total time of 120 min.

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