Back to article: Reciprocal regulatory circuits coordinating EMT plasticity

FIGURE 1: MiR-1199-5p and Zeb1 regulation and function during TGFβ-induced EMT. Schematic representation of the results reported by Diepenbruck et al. on the mechanistic function of miR-1199-5p during TGFβ-induced EMT in normal mammary cells and in breast cancer cells. Upon EMT induction, the transcript levels of miR-1199-5p (green) decrease while Zeb1 (red ) transcription increases. MiR-1199-5p as well as members of the miR-200 family and Zeb1 control each other on the transcriptional as well as on the post-transcriptional level in a negative reciprocal regulation. Forced expression of miR-1199-5p prevents TGFβ-induced EMT, mesenchymal tumor cell migration, invasion and metastasis formation.

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