FIGURE 1: Schematic differentiating reperfused acute MIs, fraction of MIs with hemorrhage, and associated MACE risk. Myocyte death proceeds from the subendocardium as a wave of injury with increasing ischemic time with as: 1: Early, reperfusion with myocyte injury only; 2: myocyte injury with mild microvascular obstruction (MVO); 3: myocyte injury with late/persistent MVO. Zones A: myocyte injury only; B: myocyte injury and mild MVO (some slow flow); C: myocyte injury with late MVO (no flow). Intra-myocardial hemorrhage occurs in ~75% of the time in Zone C. hMIs have the largest 6-month MACE risk (16% vs. 7%), among all MI types. Figure was generated using Biorender.

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