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Volume 2, Issue 4, pp. 72 - 95, April 2018

Issue cover
Cover: This month in Cell Stress: Snap29 in synaptic transmission and cellular health. Image depicts the brain of a mouse with the neurodegenerative disease Niemann-Pick type C1. Credit: NICHD/I. Williams; licensed under the CC BY 2.0 license. Image modified by Cell Stress. The cover is published under the CC BY 4.0 license. Enlarge issue cover

How to use a multipurpose SNARE: The emerging role of Snap29 in cellular health

Valeria Mastrodonato, Elena Morelli and Thomas Vaccari

Reviews | page 72-81 | 10.15698/cst2018.04.130 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Assay for high-throughput screening of inhibitors of the ASC-PYD inflammasome core filament

Lorenzo Sborgi, Johanna Ude, Mathias S. Dick, Jonathan Vesin, Marc Chambon, Gerardo Turcatti, Petr Broz, Sebastian Hiller

Research Articles | page 82-90 | 10.15698/cst2018.04.131 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

New insights into the key role of HIF-1α in IL-10-producing B cells

Xianyi Meng, Aline Bozec

Microreviews | page 94-95 | 10.15698/cst2018.04.133 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

Oxidation of p62 as an evolutionary adaptation to promote autophagy in stress conditions

Elsje G. Otten, Rhoda Stefanatos, Bernadette Carroll, Viktor I. Korolchuk

Microreviews | page 91-93 | 10.15698/cst2018.04.132 | Full text | PDF | Abstract

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